Private Chef ,  ERYT Yoga Teache r

Private Chef, ERYT Yoga Teacher


Chef Jenni Mueller

Chef Jenni graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in 2014, with an associate's in Culinary Arts. She is a full time private chef for a prominent family in Dallas, Texas. She has extensive experience with many different types of diets. She believes in using the freshest & finest ingredients with care and loving every bite!

Chef Jenni has dedicated her life to helping others lead conscious, healthy lives thru the power of food and nutrition. She is also a yoga instructor in Dallas, Texas. 


For each personal chef service your personal chef will..

• Plan a custom menu for your approval. 

• Hand-pick the finest quality, local ingredients for your meals.

• Spend 3-4 hours in your home freshly preparing your meals.

• Make complete entrees based off of your preferences including side dishes and sauces.

• Neatly package, label and store your meals for your convenience.

• Provide you with a menu and detailed reheating and serving instructions.

• Clean-up your kitchen as found it, or better.

• Leave you with a fridge full of freshly prepared, high-quality, custom meals.


With our private event service, you receive..

• A custom menu for your approval, with your desires and budget in mind.

• Creative menu options for guests with dietary restrictions or concerns. (e.g. gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, allergies)

• Hand picked high, quality ingredients from the most reputable local markets and farms.

• Freshly prepared, restaurant quality dishes prepared from scratch in your own home.

• Stellar flavor combinations, textures, colors and aromas.

• A spotless kitchen at the end of your event.


Relax with your friends and family as we take care of the errands and hassles that can come with hosting a private dinner party. Your menu will be personally designed, prepared and plated by Chef Jenni while a professional wait-staff answers to any request you or your guests may have at your dinner table. No crowds, no driving, no wait, no lines, just a private, unique and memorable experience for everyone involved.