A little about Jenni..

 A draining career and lack of nutrients and exercise prompted Jenni to quit her job, and attend Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Dallas, Texas.

She graduated with an associate's in Culinary Arts in 2014. 

Upon graduation she worked in multiple restaurants in Dallas, but found her calling as a personal chef working with clients looking for long term benefits of a balanced diet.

She secured a position as Personal Chef at the home of a prominent family in Dallas, Texas. And since then has worked with multiple families and clients that have restricted diets and food allergies, including Celiacs disease. 

On any given day Chef Jenni can be found creating dishes that complement and support her clients health needs and goals. She believes the most flavorful cuisine is made simply with the best, highest quality ingredients and she considers it part of her job to inspire and educate others about the incredible power of food and the benefits of a well balanced diet.